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Nostracom Selects Aperto’s WiMAX Solution to Deliver Wireless Broadband in Spain

AUGUST 26, 2009 – GRANADA, SPAIN and MILPITAS, CA – Nostracom Telecommunications, the first national fixed wireless operator dedicated to IP-based solutions has selected Aperto Networks’ WiMAX solution for the deployment of high-speed Internet access and Voice over IP services covering the Andalusia provinces of Almeria, Granada, Jaen and Malaga.

Among the main advantages offered by this solution include broadband Internet access with real data rates in excess of 20Mb/s, resulting in faster download of Web pages, images, music and videos and the delivery of low cost Voice over IP services. Furthermore, the solution is based on a neutral model of service delivery that allows interoperability with any market operator that meets the WiMAX standards enabling multiple operators to provide services to clients simultaneously. Called “CARRIER TO CARRIER INFRASTRUCTURE,” any telecommunications operator can contract both transport services flow through secured Internet backbone network or Internet connections via broadband Network Access and then market independent services.

Antonio Tejada, General Director of Nostracom Telecommunications states, “To ensure a successful service we wanted to rely upon proven WiMAX technology to offer superior services to our residential and enterprise customers. Choosing Aperto Networks as our partner allows us to leverage their extensive experience and proven capabilities in delivering a low cost of implementation, greater coverage and a powerful high-speed connection for our partners and customers.”

The Aperto WiMAX solution, called PacketMAX, simplifies network deployment, lowers installation cost, and minimizes physical installation challenges by eliminating trenching and installation of fiber or copper. The solution also offers a powerful network management platform with advanced features for real-time monitoring and control of all network elements. Brian Deutsch, CEO of Aperto Networks, commented, “The innumerable technological benefits of Aperto’s solution and our more than 10 years of proven broadband experience have allowed our company to meet the multi-regional needs of Nostracom. The solution is flexible and extensible to accommodate future requirements that will arise for an operator such as Nostracom.” PacketMAX consists of high performance, carrier-class base stations and a broad family of cost-effective subscriber units. PacketMAX subscriber units are co-developed with and contract manufactured by Tranzeo Wireless Technologies (TSX:TZT).

Enrique Martínez de Velasco, Aperto Sales Director for Europe, further states “Aperto and our channel partner, Selesta Networks, are extremely excited to be chosen by Nostracom to deliver this network. Nostracom is a premier operator in Spain that has a great reputation and outstanding capabilities in delivering broadband data, voice and related services to both business and residential customers in the Spanish market.”

The companies Nostracom Telecommunications, Aperto Networks, and Selesta Networks announced the launch of a Center of Excellence and Reference to enable interoperability testing between multiple WiMAX vendors and certification with Aperto’s Base Stations. This initiative will enable a broader range of services and choices for the customer.

Nostracom Telecommunications, an Andalusian company with headquarters in Granada and founded in 1999, was born with the objective of providing added value services to the entrepreneurial Spaniard sector in the internet business. Nostracom is one of the leading companies specializing in engineering projects, design, deployment and operation of wireless telecommunications environments. The company is present throughout the national territory and will strengthen its presence in the coming years. Among the most important projects for 2009 is the deployment of the largest Andalusian networks of telecommunications for the transport and access of data. http://www.nostracom.es

Aperto Networks helps service providers worldwide profitably deliver affordable wireless voice and broadband services by building the world’s most advanced fixed and mobile WiMAX Forum Certified base stations and subscriber units. Aperto fundamentally changes the economics of delivering voice and broadband services through IP-rich, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks, allowing carriers to offer a wider variety of services to more customers using less equipment. Its carrier-grade WiMAX technology offers industry-leading subscriber density, quality of service, ease of use, and reliability. Aperto is a founding board member of the WiMAX Forum, as well as a founder and lead contributor to IEEE 802.16 and the ETSI-BRAN standards. Serving more than 400 customers in 90 countries, Aperto Networks is based in Milpitas, California. For more information, visit us at http://www.apertonet.com.

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August 26, 2009 at 7:38 am

Washington Ceasefire Endorses Dow Constantine for King County Executive

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Citizen Activist Group Touts Constantine’s Experience and Commitment to Reducing Gun Violence in King County

08.05.2009 – Seattle, WA – Washington Ceasefire, the statewide citizen activist group dedicated to reducing gun violence, announced today its endorsement of Dow Constantine for King County Executive.

“While there are several very good candidates who support our fight for common sense gun control, we believe Mr. Constantine has the experience and commitment to help reduce the approximately 150 yearly gun deaths in the King County and the estimated $500 million in public costs associated with this neglected and preventable public health tragedy, ” said Ralph Fascitelli, Board President of Washington Ceasefire.

Several studies have shown that gun violence is in direct proportion to home gun ownership. Washington Ceasefire believes gun violence can be reduced in the King County, and encourages citizens to:
-Reconsider having guns in the home, especially if children live or play in or around the home.
-Ask neighbors if they own a gun, a require the gun is secured in a safe before letting children play in or around the home.

Washington Ceasefire believes Constantine will work with elected officials in Washington State to ban military assault weapons as well as mandate background checks on all gun purchases -including those at gun shows. Recent polls show over 80% of Washingtonians favor these mandates, but Olympia has been slow to act due to pressure from the powerful gun lobby.

“Constantine is one of the few elected officials that recognizes that the bark of the gun lobby is far worse than its bite. Indeed, over 70% of gun lobby backed candidates lost in the 2006 and 2008 elections,” said Fascitelli. “Dow has the courage to stare down special interest groups for the better good of the general population and that is why Washington Ceasefire offers our endorsement for the 2009 primaries,” he said.

About Washington Ceasefire
For over a quarter of a century Washington Ceasefire has fought hard to reduce gun violence in the state. Its five thousand members are committed to bringing public and political attention to this significant and neglected public health tragedy. Ceasefire wants the public to know that gun violence is preventable and effects everyone directly or indirectly. For more information on how your family can reduce the chances of gun violence go to http://www.washingtonceasefire.org

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August 5, 2009 at 6:23 am

WhitePages Launches Lookup; The First Text Messaging Service to Identify Unknown Callers

A simple text to “LOOKUP” instantly matches any unrecognized incoming call or text message to a database of over 600 million mobile and landline numbers.

August 4, 2009 – SEATTLE – WhitePages, the company that makes it easy for people to find each other and connect with confidence, today announced the launch of LOOKUP, the first text messaging service enabling users to identify unknown callers and text senders. LOOKUP is a natural extension of WhitePages mobile strategy, which has helped the company gain nearly 1 million mobile application downloads over the last 12 months based on the popularity of applications for Android, Blackberry, as well as the recently upgraded iPhone application.

Results from a typical Lookup query. Lookup from WhitePages works with any mobile device.

Results from a typical Lookup query. Lookup from WhitePages works with any mobile device.

“WhitePages mobile products have experienced tremendous growth over the last twelve months, with our Top 10 iPhone app and Android G1 Caller ID app,” said Kevin Nakao, VP Mobile and Monetization at WhitePages. “LOOKUP is a natural extension of our mobile strategy. It works on any mobile device with text messaging capabilities, and is very easy to use,” he said.

Although a basic form of caller ID is available on most mobile devices, it typically only presents the calling party number, not the name or location of the caller. LOOKUP from WhitePages shows the name and location of unknown numbers, thus helping identify friends and colleagues not in your phonebook, as well as avoiding unwanted calls. LOOKUP from WhitePages is the first text-based service to offer mobile users:

  • An easy way to obtain the identity of an unknown incoming number or text sender. Users simply send a text with the unknown number to LOOKUP (566-587).
  • LOOKUP is designed to work on any mobile device with texting capability.
  • Accurate information, within seconds. The LOOKUP database includes information on over 600 million listings, including hard to find mobile and landline numbers.

Over the last twelve months, WhitePages has been aggressively extending the powerful people and business search features found on WhitePages.com to a variety of mobile platforms, including iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. LOOKUP is unique, however, in that it works on most mobile devices with text messaging capability.

LOOKUP can be used either on a per use basis of $1.99 per match, or as a monthly subscription of $2.99 for unlimited matches.

About WhitePages, Inc.
As the largest and most trusted online directory, WhitePages offers a suite of free mobile and Internet services that makes it easy for people to find and immediately connect with anyone in the U.S. Only WhitePages offers one-click access to more than 200 million adults and powers more than 2 billion searches on over 1,300 partner sites including Verizon, AOL, United States Postal Service, and MSN. For more information, please visit http://www.whitepages.com or visit the WhitePages blog at http://blog.whitepages.com.

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August 4, 2009 at 5:45 am

First Automatic Pancake Machine Introduced into U.S.

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07.14.2009 – Seattle, WA – Pancakes, a timeless comfort food popular among all ages, is now fast and far more convenient as a result of the ChefStack automatic pancake machine. Shipments of the machine begin in the United States this summer. Already a resounding success in countries like Australia and New Zealand, ChefStack offers convenience stores, schools, hospitals and coffee shops the ability to quickly produce fresh, 97% fat-free, pan less pancakes in as little as thirty seconds. The ChefStack unit is as small as a microwave oven, and is easily operated without supervision. Pancakes are produced from no-mess batter pouches, and can be used as the base of a variety of new food creations – at breakfast, during lunch or as a healthful snack.

ChefStack enters the U.S. convenience store and coffee shop market at a critical time. “Comfort food” such as pancakes has experienced a resurgence over the last twelve months as a result of the economic downturn. IHOP, for instance, was one of a very few restaurant chains to show revenue increases in the first quarter of ’09. ChefStack takes comfort food one-step further by enabling vendors to serve fast, low-cost pancakes that are healthful as well. A standard serving of two four- inch diameter ChefStack pancakes contain less than ten grams of sugar and just 165 total calories before toppings.

ChefStack was formed early in 2009 by R.J. Selfridge, a thirty-year food executive with ten years as head of operations at Tully’s Coffee. “Markets such as Australia and other Far East markets have been proving the ChefStack profit model for the last three years,” said Selfridge. “The machine has performed successfully in many convenience stores, coffee shops, hotels, and airline lounges – including Marriot Hotels and Qantas Airlines airport lounges. We expect the same or greater profit potential for our partners here in the United States where pancakes are even more popular,” he said.

Presentation and vending options to end customers are limited only by the creativity and menu selection of the ChefStack partner. From traditional restaurant-style three pancake stacks with butter and maple syrup, to mini-pancake “shooters” with eggs and meat, to fruit-filled pancake turnovers, the possibilities for customer satisfaction and profits are virtually limitless. The machine sells for $3500 and often pays for itself in about four months. Machine rental or lease options are also available with low monthly payments

About Chef Stack
ChefStack is a branded food products company based in Seattle, Washington. Its automatic pancake machine is the first in a line of unique food products the company intends to offer to its core market of convenience stores, university and corporate feeding and coffee shops in North America.

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July 14, 2009 at 8:48 am

HemaQuest Initiates Clinical Trials in Sickle Cell Disease and Beta Thalassemia

SEATTLE – May 27, 2009 – HemaQuest Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has initiated clinical trials of HQK-1001 in the treatment of patients with sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia. These two clinical trials are intended to evaluate safety and provide proof of concept clinical data in patients with these serious and life-threatening chronic illnesses.

“Our team is excited to have the opportunity to work with some of the leading clinical investigators to test HQK-1001 in sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia,” said Ron Berenson, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of HemaQuest. “There is a pressing need for new drugs to treat these disorders, which cause significant morbidity and early mortality. The goal of our clinical trials is to have sufficient data to move HQK-1001 into advanced clinical studies.”

Each of these blinded, placebo-controlled studies will assess the safety of HQK-1001 and evaluate indicators of therapeutic activity, including several measures of fetal globin, one of the drug’s primary targets. Increases in fetal globin correlate with improved clinical outcomes in patients with these hemoglobin disorders. The trial in sickle cell disease is being conducted at approximately 10 centers in the U.S. The trial in beta thalassemia is being conducted in Thailand, where there is a high incidence of this disease.

To date, HQK-1001 has been evaluated in 55 healthy human subjects in 2 clinical studies. In the first study, 24 subjects were treated with single doses of HQK-1001 at 4 dose levels. The second study was conducted in 41 healthy human subjects, who were treated with 14 consecutive days of HQK-1001 at 3 dose levels. HQK-1001 was well-tolerated at all dose levels and there were no serious adverse effects in the two studies. Plasma drug levels associated with in vitro biological activity were achieved in both studies.

About HQK-1001

HQK-1001 belongs to a class of compounds originally discovered at Boston University and licensed to the company. These compounds, designated as Short Chain Fatty Acid Derivatives (SCFADs), have been shown to stimulate fetal globin expression in the laboratory and in small clinical trials in patients with hemoglobin disorders, including sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia. HQK-1001 is an orally administered SCFAD, which has shown potent effects on fetal globin induction and red blood cell production in the laboratory and relevant animal models. Additionally, the company has received orphan drug designation for HQK-1001 in the United States and Europe for both sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia.

About Sickle Cell Disease and Beta Thalassemia

Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder affecting the beta globin chain of adult hemoglobin, resulting in distorted, rigid sickle red blood cells, which block blood vessels. The resulting lack of oxygen causes acute episodes of pain (pain crises), lung injury (acute chest syndrome) and is associated with strokes. Chronic damage occurs in many organs. The only drug available to treat the disease is a cancer chemotherapy drug, hydroxyurea, which has potential risks for patients. The lifespan of sickle cell patients is reduced in the U.S, where there are approximately 75-80,000 patients.

Beta thalassemia is a prevalent blood disease worldwide in which patients are unable to produce normal amounts of beta globin, which results in severe anemia. The primary treatment, red blood cell transfusions, leads to iron overload that damages many organs and requires treatment with iron chelating drugs. There is early mortality in patients with this disease is in the U.S. today.

About HemaQuest Pharmaceuticals

HemaQuest Pharmaceuticals, established in late 2007, is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing small molecule therapeutics based on its proprietary SCFAD technologies to treat hemoglobin diseases. HemaQuest is also developing other SCFADs that could prove useful in treating other hematologic disorders. The company’s investors include De Novo Ventures, Forward Ventures, and Lilly Ventures.

For More Information
Jerome Lyons
T: 206.826.9900
jlyons (at) hemaquest.com

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